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Said Saifan 80 years

The SAID SAIFAN Company has achieved notoriety in the world of olive oil, olive oil soap and table olives by providing customers with premium quality olive tree products.

The company was founded by Said Saifan in 1939 in a very small shop in Tripoli in the Northern part of Lebanon near the Mediterranean Sea. The sale of olive oil and the production of local traditional Middle Eastern olive oil soaps were the primary business staples in those early days.

Said Saifan History

In 1949, Said Saifan, fueled by his passion for the noble olive tree and a business steadily growing because of good quality products, substantial business integrity and a solid reputation, registered one of the first olive oil trademarks in Lebanon and the Middle East under the name of KOURA which would later be replaced by the brand SAIFAN.

Said Saifan History

In 1959, Georges, the son of Said Saifan, began the very long journey of developing the Said Saifan Company toward what it is today by joining the company and carrying forward the values that his father established. Georges understood that the continuing growth of the company would rely on maintaining the values his father established: Excellent product quality, Business integrity, Reputation.

Said Saifan History

In 2000 the third generation of the Saifan family joined the management of the family business, with the same values and perseverance of its founders.

Our company has developed a very solid line of products distributed to our local markets and exported to many countries around the world. Our Products consist of our Olive Oils - Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, Olive Oil, our Olive Oil Soaps - White Olive Oil Soap, Green Olive Oil Soap, Pure Olive Oil Soap, Laurel Olive Oil Soap, Perfumed Olive Oil Soap, and our Table Olives - Green and Black Olives with Pits in Brine. Currently, we are in the process of developing new additions to our existing product lines – a 100% Natural Liquid Olive Oil Soap, a Flavor-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Black Olives in Tapenade.

To achieve this extended production and this worldwide distribution, our facility is outfitted with the latest state of the art processing equipment for manufacturing and a top of the line in house laboratory for quality assurance.

For Saifan the manufacture of our products is not only a matter of conformity to norms, regulations and standards in our industry, it is a matter of delivering a product made with love, where premium quality ingredients and packaging are used.

For our company, selling our products is not just a business transaction. It’s about the lasting human relationship formed between two parties that share the same values and willingness to build a long-time business partnership based on quality, integrity and authenticity.

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